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Get involved with your kids, with their friends, and with parents who believe in keeping our youth safe.

Character is Contagious

September Character Trait Respect

Parents Matter April/May Alcohol Awareness Campaign

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2016 Parents Matter Fort Pierre Community Report Card

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Parents Matter Coalition Pride Survey's 2008-2014

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Collective Responsibility Report Card

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Pierre/Fort Pierre Community Outcome Report Card On Underage Drinking

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November 2015 Prevention Newslink

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2014 Board of Directors and Annual Meeting Agenda

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Know Bullying App
September 10, 2014
5th Floor Conference Room
Avera St. Mary's Hospital
Noon - 1:00 pm

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Parents Matter Social Host Brochure

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How do you talk to your children, family & friends about the dangers of drugs & alcohol? Start over a cup of coffee.

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1000 Cups of Coffee Toolkit

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Talk: They Hear You

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A Lethal Dose
What Parents Should Know: "Alcohol, Prescription and Over-The-Counter Drugs"

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A Parent's Guide to Local Laws Associated with Alcohol Use

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Attorney General Marty Jackley - Parents Matter Coalition

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Task Force on Safe Teen Driving - Joint Transportation Committee

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Map of every alcohol outlet (on/off sale) located in the communities of Pierre/Fort Pierre

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CMCA Results

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Conversation: It's What's for Dinner - A Dinner Event Like No Other.

This is an opportunity for parents to hear from other parents, receive educational information to assist them as they guide their own children and ask questions of other teenagers to better understand the journey their teens are on.

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Underage Drinking -The Straight Story About Alcohol

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Teen Brain: Still Under Construction

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"Youth's Exposure to Substance Use Prevention Messages", NSDUH Report.

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How Much are you affected by advertising media?

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Underage Alcohol Use: Where Do Young People Get Alcohol?

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NSDUH Report

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Coalition Membership Agreement

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Community Report Card, "Collective Responsibility"

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Parents Matter Coalition of Pierre/Fort Pierre is a group of concerned individuals comprised of parents, youth, community leaders, law enforcement, counselors, judicial advocates, business people, media representatives, and others who care about the well being of our youth. Pierre and Fort Pierre have named underage drinking as the NUMBER ONE HEALTH CONCERN in our cities and counties. The Parents Matter Coalition, through volunteers, is committed to preventing underage drinking and drug abuse through education or parents, youth, and community.

Established in the spring of 2007, our goals are to involve you and make our youth safe within our communities. We are also doing outreach projects with surrounding communities in an effort to prevent health effects of underage drinking and fatal accidents.

Our Mission

“To educate, empower and engage parents and the community in reducing and/or preventing youth substance abuse.

Our Vision

“Parents and community working together for the future of our children and communities so they can make and sustain healthy lifestyle choices and lead healthy productive lives.

Parents Matter Coalition of Pierre/Fort Pierre
800 E. Dakota
Avera/St. Mary's Hospital
Pierre, SD 57501
(605)224-3189 or (605) 222-0638
Fax: (605) 224-8339

Paid for in part by: SD Office of Highway Safety and Strategic Prevention Framework - State Incentive Grant

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