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How you say it matters.

Keep it positive! You want your child to come to you when she has a problem or he has been tempted. Hereís a few ideas to start the conversation.

A fictional character:

Ever seen a PG-13 movie where the character was doing something you donít want your child doing? Use it as an opportunity to talk to your child about what you expect and why you want better for your child.

The famous:

Whose in rehab this week? When your childís idol is publicly struggling with an issue, you can talk to your child about better alternatives.

A classmate:

Yikes! As a parent, no one wants their child to struggle, but what if someone your childís age is struggling? This is the perfect opportunity to reinforce your values.

The relative:

Serious issues sometimes happen to those we love. Honesty about the situation with your child can help prevent the same issue in her life. A good time to teach non-judgmental attitudes as well.

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